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Brad Marchand's second slew-foot earns him a two-game suspension

Brad Marchand was suspended two games for his second slew-footing offense in three years. Was it enough?
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

He may not officially count as a repeat offender under NHL rules, but Brad Marchand was punished for the second slew-footing incident of his career on Friday with a two-game suspension by the league.

Marchand will sit for two games after he slew-footed the New York Rangers' Derick Brassard on Thursday.

That’s less than half the five-game punishment Marchand received on Jan. 9, 2012 for a clipping incident involving Sami Salo, but more than the $2,500 fine he paid for slew-footing Matt Niskanen in December of 2011.

Here's the first slew-foot. Take notes for later.

The Niskanen incident was Marchard's first offense, but it set the precedent for his hefty five-game clipping suspension a month later.

The NHL only considers a player to be a repeat offender if his second discipline-worthy incident comes within 18 months of the first. And for those counting at home, that's 37 months between the first slew-foot and the second one.

As the Adam Proteau post shows, Marchand has a history of dangerous play that have landed him in hot water before.

Ladies and gentlemen, your NHL Player Safety suspension video, courtesy of Patrick Burke.

The incident happened when Marchand and Brassard went into the corner to chase a puck. Brassard went in first and Marchard came in after him, sticking one leg out behind Brassard to kick out the Ranger's feet while pulling his upper body backward.

"This is slew-footing," Patrick Burke says in the video. "Marchand both kicks out Brassard's skates and drives him backward with force."

Though Marchand doesn't fall under the 18-month repeat offender definition, Burke points to Marchand's suspension history in explaining the punishment. He also mentions that Brassard was not injured on the play.

Marchand will miss the Bruins' home game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday, followed by a Tuesday tilt against the Stars in Dallas.



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