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Fan altercation between Leafs, Sens fan ends with scary scene

During Sunday night's game at Canadian Tire Centre, an altercation broke out between a Maple Leafs and a Senators fan that resulted in a frightening ending. There have been no further reports of the incident.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Thanks to a fan in attendance of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs game on Sunday night, we have footage of a fan altercation that got a bit out of hand at the Canadian Tire Centre.

It's hard to tell what is really happening while the Leafs and Senators fans go at it, but one thing is for sure, it's hard to expect what happens near the end. You'll have to watch all the way through to see the horrific finale:

There's been nothing much said about the tussle aside from the video, but it's hard to imagine either party left this incident unscathed. It's also hard to believe this happened -- and that the Leafs fan was able to leap onto the Senators fan -- without anyone intervening or separating the two. In fact, the only person who seemed to have stuck his nose into this mess was the Leafs fan who was watching the whole thing take place and ended up emptying what looks like a full beer onto the Senators fan's head.

In a matter of seconds, the scene goes from the two fans aggressively talking to each other to a whole new level when the Leafs fan leaps onto the Senators fan, tackling him over what looks to be a few rows of seats.

The actions of all parties involved is abhorrent. Points go to the man who can be heard on the video saying that he, "just wants to watch the game." It's what everyone is there for, not this sideshow.

We sincerely hope everyone involved is all right and that no one sustained any serious injuries. Remember, everyone: it's just a game.


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