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Fan Shootout: Jason Arnott

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

When you came to Dallas after putting out the Stars in the 2000 Stanley Cup, was there any bitterness from fans or new teammates?

Mike Casarin, Hamilton

Eddy (Belfour) and a few other guys were giving it to me a little bit, joking around and the fans were joking around with me a bit, but for the most part they welcomed me with open arms. It was really great.

I’m quick on faceoffs but always lose to stronger guys. Any tips, especially on defensive zone faceoffs?

Marc Mitzner, Durham, N.C.

A lot of guys try to use technique if they’re smaller guys. It depends on whether you’re facing a righty or a lefty. Whether you want to go with the grain or against the grain. You’ve got to think of those things when you come to the faceoff.

Depending on the size of the guy, for me I try to use my power and strength to power through it.

What are the best NHL cities to spend a day-off in on the road?

Jeff Jefferson, Providence, R.I.

Probably Chicago. Great city, phenomenal shopping, great restaurants, lots of things to do. Just a fun city to visit.

What are your goals for this season as captain of the Nashville Predators?

Gabe Lefrancois, Huntsville, Ont.

Just be a great guy in the room and a leader on the ice and off the ice. That’s about it.

When you scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in 2000 in overtime, did it hit you right away that that goal just won you the Stanley Cup, or what was your initial reaction?

Jillian Tullo, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

No, it didn’t sink in for a while. It was just so exciting; I was just numb. It was hard to believe that it even happened. I don’t think it sunk in till I watched it again over and over in the summer

What has been your fondest memory as a pro?

Sheri Rice, Columbus, Ga.

Scoring the Cup-winner.

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