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Here's What Tampa Bay's Stanley Cup Rings Look Like

The Tampa Bay Lightning received their Stanley Cup Rings on Thursday night for the second consecutive year. Here's what they look like.
Ring Graphic

As it turns out, winning back-to-back championships earns you some bling. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning received their 2021 Stanley Cup rings on Thursday night, marking the second straight year that the team would be going home with a new piece of jewelry on their fingers. 

The rings themselves are, simply, magnificent. 

Manufactured by Jostens, the Lightning's rings are made of 14-karat white gold and are covered in 214 individual diamonds from side to side along with another 55 diamonds covering the ring's top. 

Accenting the Lightning's trademark blue on the face of the ring are genuine sapphires, 11 of which are set under the words "Stanley Cup" and another 30 that comprise the team's logo. 

All in all, each ring features a total of 338 individual diamonds and 52 individual pieces of sapphire, amounting to an astonishing 31.67 karats of gemstones. 

Inscribed inside the rings are the results of each playoff series the Lightning won to capture their second straight Cup, along with each player's unique signature, as well. 

Perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that the ring opens, revealing inside the phrase "Last Day of School", which the players used to signify the fact that the team as constructed during that playoff run would likely not be back together the next year. Also featured inside the ring is coach Jon Cooper's signature mantra "Work Over Hope", which Cooper used when addressing the team in the dressing room before the final game of their championship pursuit. 

And, finally, two Stanley Cups are featured on the side of the ring in tandem, to represent the team's consecutive victories, with a sea of fans below the 2021 trophy to signify the Lightning clinching the Cup at home in front of their adoring fans. 

Suffice it to say, the organization spared no expense in constructing these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. One can only imagine what they'll look like if the Lightning pull off a three-peat. 


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