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Hockey Wives return for a second season, only slightly wiser

Pregnancy, engagements, the constant fear of players being traded and lives upended -- if these were some of the reasons you tuned into Hockey Wives then Season 2 will be right up your alley.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Pregnancy, engagements, the constant fear of players being traded and lives upended -- if these were some of the reasons you tuned into the first season of W Network’s Hockey Wives then Season 2 will be right up your alley.

If the ladies learned any lessons from their time in front of the camera last season, it’s not exactly obvious in the premiere, which airs Wednesday night. True to form, several of the returning wives have picked up where we left off, which means they’re still obsessed with marriage, moving, and luxury vacations during the offseason – the only logical time to film the show in order to properly showcase said husbands.

Most of the Season 1 players are back, including camera favorites Maripier Morin (engaged to Brandon Prust), Noureen DeWulf (married to Ryan Miller) and Tiffany Parros (married to retired player George Parros).

Now that Maripier is finally engaged, Season 2 would be a fine time to move on from her constant relationship analysis and to showcase the WAG in another light. However, as she and Brandon spend some green-eye invoking time on the Amalfi Coast, the conversation revolves mostly around bread, shopping, being engaged, and whether or not they should actually be engaged. Given the fact that the news of Brandon’s trade from the Montreal Canadiens to the Vancouver Canucks is bound to hit in an upcoming episode, it’s unclear whether that narrative will evolve any time soon, but here’s hoping.

Noureen, meanwhile, whose snappy one-liners during the first season were reason alone to tune in, is definitely still settling into motherhood and adjusting to life without sleep. As a result she comes across as wiser, slightly calmer and more sure about what she wants from life—even if that is to just see her baby finally sleep through the night and to spend more time with Tiffany, whose husband is currently looking to get in at the ground level in Vegas and continue his career. Looking ahead it appears as though the main thread between those two friends is balancing career and a family, something we’ve seen lots of in the first season, but not so much from a new mom perspective.

Another returning wife, Kodette Labarbera (married to Jason Labarbera), is also featured prominently, and receives plenty of camera time in the first episode following the strong viewer response to the story of her autistic son last season. Here she’s featured mostly chatting about the difficulties that come with having a husband on the road, but she also shines in an early scene in which a downtown bar doesn’t serve her traditional playoff nachos during the game.

The biggest change in Season 2 is the addition of Angela Price, the wife of Canadiens goalie Carey Price. It’s quickly apparent that her life in Montreal is vastly different than the other Montreal wives, thanks to fans coming up to their door asking for Carey and the star-struck image he leaves nearly everywhere he goes.

Somehow, she still manages to come across as one of the most down-to-earth ladies of the bunch, speaking opening about her love of the shooting range, the outdoors, and her strong desire to have children. Unfortunately for the suspense of the show, we already know how that story ends: while she and Price may have been trying for four months when the show picks up, news of their pregnancy leaked online just last week. It all led to a passionate blog post from Angela Price, lambasting the media sites that leaked the news before the couple had a chance to tell all of their family and friends.

Such are the ongoing dilemmas of these wives, we suppose. We’re sure to hear more about them in the coming weeks, as Hockey Wives continues to showcase these ladies and several more as they deal with each other, their husbands, and finally having their day in the spotlight.

Hockey Wives, Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.



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