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Jonathan Cheechoo's Fan Shootout answers

What do you miss most about Moose Factory during the season besides your family?

- Katie Fauvelle, Denver

I miss going out and doing some hunting. I used to do that quite a bit.

What was the most memorable point of your Rocket Richard season last year?

- Charlie Barrons, Oakville, Ont.

It was probably scoring those hat tricks against Anaheim. They're one of our biggest rivals, so it's always fun when you can score some goals and beat the other team in a crucial game.

Do you see yourself as a hockey player who happens to be Native, or a Native hockey player and do you feel a greater responsibility to helping your community?

- Scott Mills, London, Ont.

I see myself as a hockey player who happens to be Native, but in the same respect I'm proud of where I come from and I'm proud of my heritage. I try to help out my community in any way possible. I like to meet with a lot of kids whenever we're up in Canada. It's something I take pride in.

What is your favorite NHL city to play in besides San Jose?

- Chris Sanzone, Rochester, N.Y.

I like going to Toronto. It's always fun to play in front of that crowd and I have a lot of friends and family come out to those games.

I've read a lot about how hard you've worked on your skating. Which drills or exercises did you find helped you improve your skating the most?

- Brian Matsuo, Vancouver

The most improvement that I made probably came from work I did off the ice. I did a lot of sprints and quick feet drills to train my feet to move a little faster.

Where did you learn how to dangle and score the way you do?

- Shawn Sarrizan, Prince George, B.C

I had a rink in my backyard and it was pretty tight quarters back there. Sometimes we'd have as many as 10 kids out there playing against each other. You just learn how to protect the puck and how to get your shots off as quick as you could.

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