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Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks: Mascot Showdown!

Game 1 in each quarterfinal series has been claimed by the team whose mascot won the showdown. Coincidence? I’ll leave that up to you. But you might want to play it safe and vote to pick the better mascot in the Kings-Ducks series (and potentially will your team to a Game 1 win)…
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

In the third and final installment of our NHL playoff quarterfinal match-up Mascot Showdown, it's the L.A. Kings' Bailey against the Anaheim Ducks' Wild Wing. In the first two clashes,
Montreal's Youppi romped over Boston's Blades, while
Chicago's Tommy Hawk got the best of Minnesota's Nordy. That means Game 1 in each series has been claimed by the team whose mascot won the showdown (not including the Penguins' Iceburgh, who got a walk because the Rangers don't employ a mascot). Coincidence? I'll leave that up to you.
Vote below to pick the better mascot in the Kings-Ducks series (and potentially will your team to a Game 1 win)...


BIO: Bailey is originally from the MGM Grand Lion Habitat in Las Vegas, Nevada. After catching the Frozen Fury game in September of 2007 in Las Vegas, Bailey was amazed at the Kings level of talent and teamwork. Bailey knew immediately that he had to find a way to join the team. He wanted nothing more than to become a professional hockey player and the lack of ice in Las Vegas was not going to get in his way.
Height: 6' (6'4” with mane)
Weight: None of your business
Hometown: MGM Grand Lion Habitat, Las Vegas, NV
Favorite Books: Cat in the Hat, Where the Wild Things Are
Favorite Songs: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Born to be Wild, Wild Thing
Favorite Movies: The Lion King, Secondhand Lions, Out of Africa
Favorite Food: Shark Tacos, Roasted Duck, BBQ Coyote
Accolades: 2012 Stanley Cup Champion ; 2014 Cartoon Network Most Awesome Mascot Award winner; 2014 Ace Bailey Good Guy Award Winner

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


BIO (via Wild Wing is the official mascot for the Anaheim Ducks and has been since the inaugural season in 1993. He was named following a fan "Name the Mascot" write-in contest, where one creative fan picked a name that truly fits that Ducks mascot's personality. Wild Wing is the first mascot in National Hockey League history to descend onto the ice from the rafters of the arena. He loves cheering on the Ducks at every home game, and even enjoys the friendly rivalry with the Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings fans. Wild Wing loves dancing and hanging out with kids, as well as visiting local hospitals and schools. Wild Wing is always available for photos, autographs, birthday parties and other personal appearances.
Birthday: October 8, 1993
Birthplace: Honda Center
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Hobbies: Dancing, hanging out with kids, playing street hockey with the Ducks Street Team, visiting local hospitals and schools, riding on the Zamboni, spending time with his good friends the Power Players.
Skills: Repelling from the rafters of Honda Center to kick-off Sunday Ducks home games.
Favorite Song: “Wild Thing”
Favorite Food: BBQ Red Wings and Los Angeles King Crab

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

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