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NHL logo rankings No. 15: Nashville Predators

Our ranking countdown of the 30 NHL logos rolls into "Music City," for No. 15, where Nashville hasn't changed much since unleashing the saber-toothed tiger crest in 1998. But what do you think of their look?
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Nashville Predators presented our panel with an interesting debate point: How much do we like certain logos simply because we've grown up with them? The Preds have only been around since 1998, so they do not benefit from any sort of nostalgia. And though the design is definitely new-school, Nashville has barely changed their mascot in the past decade and a half, so clearly the team and its fans are happy. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Think you can design a better look for the Predators? Here’s your chance. Create your best logo redesign for Nashville and send it to us at and we’ll share our favorite reader redesigns at the conclusion of our 30 NHL logo rankings.

All logos from Chris Creamer's website.

History of the Predators logo

While Nashville is more synonymous with country music than paleontology, there is a direct reason the Predators sport a saber-toothed tiger on the front of their sweater. Back in 1971, construction workers unearthed a prehistoric cave downtown as they were digging down for a building's foundation. In that cave, they found a nine-inch long fang and a leg bone belonging to a saber-toothed tiger, dating back as much as 80,000 years ago.

The actual Nashville logo was created by local firm JDK Design.

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Though the team has come up with numerous looks and third jerseys over the years, only two primary logos have ever been worn. The second, introduced in 2011-12, is a slightly different take on the original, with an altered color scheme and simpler design. Also, the tiger's eye now has a more distinct pupil.

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While various Nashville sweaters have come under fire in some corners due to the jersey's bold base colors, the logo itself is less controversial. No doubt the tiger is ferocious and aggressive, but what do you think?

Dissenting opinion: Call me an anti-traditionalist, but, like the Sharks from Friday, I'm a big fan of newer logo designs – when they're done right. Nashville has done it right. I actually preferred the original, more metallic/robotic version, but the new one is still unjustly low on our list. And yes, I also love the mustard–yellow jersey with the 3-D saber-toothed tiger. - Edward Fraser

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Think you can design a better look for the Preds that would move them up in our rankings? Send your design to editorial@thehockeynews and we’ll share the best reader submissions once we finish rolling out all 30 of our logo rankings.


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