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Proteau's Blog: Thrown overboard

• Over the past couple years, I've been especially unimpressed with some of the contracts Canadiens GM Bob Gainey has signed players to. But I have to say, he's almost – almost – made up for them by finding ways to deal away those he overpaid.

Dumping Sergei Samsonov on the Blackhawks is a great transaction for a couple of reasons: first, it kills what would've been at best a juicy media storyline – and at worst, a dressing room distraction; and, coupled with the Alexei Yashin buyout, it proves no contract is too cumbersome to prevent it from being moved.

Well, at least it proves no contract is too cumbersome to prevent it from being moved once. Because if Francois Giguere can concoct a swap that somehow delivers Jose Theodore out of Colorado, the Avalanche deserves the kind of multi-year headlining deal at a Las Vegas hotel that would make David Copperfield jealous.

• I don't know that Dave Lewis made the Boston Bruins markedly better from his perch behind the bench, but he certainly wasn't the reason they often sucked in a way that made one yearn for more sucking analogies to be coined. And firing the man after he was assured in a post-season interview his job was safe was but another instance of the ham-fisted management/ownership style that has kept the team at a safe distance from the league's elite franchises.

Also, do I understand this right? Mike Milbury is in the running to replace Lewis? What, were they afraid Milbury's track record with the Isles meant the Bush administration was about to snap him up?

• With John Muckler out as Senators GM, it certainly appears an Eastern Conference championship doesn't get you as much as it used to.

And if this is the end of the line for the 73-year-old, Muckler has nothing to hang his head over. For more than 40 years, he's coached and managed the best the game has to offer and has his name engraved not once, but five times on the Stanley Cup. I know many a hockey person who'd give their right reproductive organ to make Muckler's resume their own.


I am a long time Leafs fan, and I can honestly say I woud take Muckler over J.F. Jr. ANY day. What a shame ... Muckler is a good hockey man; he certainly doesn't deserve this.

- Patrick Kerr

I do not agree with John Muckler being let go as General Manager of the Sens. But lets not kid ourselves here, Mr. Muckler has made many decisions in his hockey life that others do not agree with. He IS 73 years old, he IS a cocky S.O.B. and he HAS wronged many people over the years as well. I have stories to tell, but I do not have my own blog so they will stay with me until that day.

- Ian

Great deal!! Bob, please don't make any more stupid deals that again put you in a hole. You were always a character player on a character team (Canadiens) and thats why they always kept winning. Draft and deal with character being the main prerequisite and you wont go wrong. Now to follow up, please find a way to dump Kovalev and do not attempt to sign another loser like Yashin. All said, thanks!

- steve e.



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