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Quotes on the Canadian Olympic hockey team announcement

Some quotes on the Canadian Olympic hockey team:

"It's an exciting time and certainly there is pressure, but that's something ... you deal with in those situations. It's also why you love to play those games and it's a challenge you look forward to. There's no doubt people have high expectations in Canada, but it's always been that way. That's what we've gotten used to, and it's because people care." - star forward Sidney Crosby on whether or not the pressure on Canada will ruin the fun of playing at the Olympics.


"When I got the call I was still half asleep. It was pretty early for me. I was still actually waking up. I had a voice mail first because I was still sleeping and I didn't hear my phone ring. When I woke up I was definitely pretty happy." - 20-year-old defenceman Drew Doughty on getting the call from Team Canada assistant GM Doug Armstrong.


"We spent hours and hours debating. There were very good players left off. But we think this is a team that will make Canadians proud. ... We're very confident in the team we've put together." - Team Canada executive director Steve Yzerman on choosing the team.


"It's just an honour to be on the team, then to be named captain of the club is an honour as well. I'm just going to do the best I can, not really change anything or do anything drastically different." - team captain Scott Niedermayer.


"It's going to be great, I'm the only guy on the team that can say that, so it's pretty special for me to play in Vancouver, and there's a big buzz around the city coming up for the Games and I'm already living quite a bit of it. So I can't imagine what it's going to be like once the tournament starts." - goaltender Roberto Luongo on what it will be like to play at home.


"Am I disappointed? Yes, I'm disappointed. I would love to play for my country. It brings chills to my spine as I see it. I have a great deal of pride of putting on the Canadian jersey and I hope to have many more years." - veteran forward Ryan Smyth on not being named to the team.


"There's a lot of great Canadian players. I know they've worked hard, the management crew, for a year-and-a-half to try to narrow things down. They sure didn't want to miss with any picks. How do you miss?" - Edmonton Oilers coach Pat Quinn, who coached Canada at the 2002 and 2006 Olympics.


"It's tough to say, you have days where you feel good about it, or you have a good game and you're like, 'Yeah, I should be in the mix.' And then you have a game where you don't play so well and you're like, 'Ah, maybe not.' So it's one of those things, it goes up and down." - Carolina forward Eric Staal on having doubts leading up to the team selection.


"I didn't say I should be on the team or anything like that, but there was definitely a moment I thought I could make it." - Penguins forward Jordan Staal, who won't join brother Eric on the team.


"It's a tremendous honor to make this team. Obviously it was something that I was looking forward to and wanted to be a part of since Day 1." - Anaheim forward Ryan Getzlaf on making the team.


"Obviously, I'm disappointed I wasn't named, there's no question it would have been unbelievable to have been a part of it, but you know what? There's so many guys, to be even in the mix and considered is quite an honour. They've got an unbelievable team and it would have been nice to be a part of, but no dice." - Ottawa forward Mike Fisher on not making the team.


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