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Randy Jones

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman.

Ht: 6-foot-2 Wt: 200 pounds

DOB: July 23, 1981 In: Quispamsis, N.B.

First Hockey Memory:
"I was playing street hockey with my brothers, they're all older than me. And the only way I was able to play with them was if I was a goalie. I remember I played net and got my two front teeth knocked out. And kinda dangling there. And mom kinda helped me out and pushed them in and held them and luckily enough they stuck. When I think of hockey as a youngster, that's a memory that comes up. They threw me in net and used me as a target pretty much (age six or seven)."

Hockey Inspiration:
"My family's always inspired me. Hockey and life in general - something I'll always take with me and always remember and definitely grateful for my family."

Nickname: "Simple. ‘Jonesy’ and ‘RJ.’ Nothing too exciting."

Last Book Read: "Playboy (smiles)."

Favorite Movies: "I got a few...Shawshank Redemption is there. And going with funny ones, obviously Old School and Wedding Crashers are good ones."

Current Car: "I have a Hummer and I just bought a new Audi R8."

First Car: "Toyota Supra '87."

First Job: "Instructor. Working at a hockey school back home."

Favorite Meal: "I usually just stick with my steak and potatoes."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
"Chocolate chip cookie dough."

Greatest Sports Moment:
"Two of them. One would obviously be the first NHL game. That's something I think you strive for your whole career. Just as a youngster, something you always dream about, being able to make it. That, and second would be winning the Calder Cup during the lockout year. It was a pretty special moment. We had a really close team. And at the time that was the main hockey - the AHL - during the lockout. Being able to win that was a special moment I'll always remember."

Most Painful Moment: "Probably the day after we won the Calder Cup. I had a few broken bones during the playoffs. Broke my jaw, broke my thumb, separated my shoulder. So it was painful the next day when the playoffs were done. I kinda sat back and relaxed and the pain took over."

Favorite Uniforms: "I think our new ones that are coming out (next year) are pretty nice. I think they're pretty traditional and I think they're going to be pretty hot when we get to wear 'em next year."

First Jersey: "The first jersey I bought was, believe it or not, a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Doug Gilmour No. 93. My mom bought it. We were away at some hockey tournament. The only reason I bought it was, my dad he was a big Maple Leafs fan. Bought it for him, maybe hoping to get more money for my allowance (smiles)."

Most Memorable Goal: "Actually my first one. I might be going a little plain on ya, but my first NHL goal was special. My parents were in the stands, they've been huge supporters of mine. They were down for the game; I was in Philadelphia. It was actually against Tampa Bay. That was definitely a special one to get."

Funniest Players Encountered: "I'd probably say Todd Fedoruk. I met him when I first turned pro. I remember him as a funny man who really loosened up the room. Great, great team guy and I always got a kick out of him."

Toughest Competitors Encountered:
"I'd say Downie. He's a pretty wild one. He's a tough man, especially for his size. He's a tough individual. Obviously, just look around the league and I'm sure you can come up with some guys who are obviously pretty crazy and wild out there. But I think Downie - obviously playing with him this year - and I think he's a warrior."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory:
"I probably have a bunch. I don't know. I'm not a big attention guy, I don't really enjoy the spotlight a whole lot (‘Yeah right' injects Vinny Lecavalier who walks by us in the corridor outside the dressing room). I'd probably say when they do a little portrait on the Jumbotron during one of the commercial breaks, I'd say is one of those moments that I kinda bury my head a little bit."

Funny Hockey Memory: "There's been a lot of laughs. One in particular, I don't know. When you get a group of guys like this together for a year, there are quite a few pranks that are happening. I remember there was one where we covered a guy's SUV in snow. And we piled it. And he walked out and couldn't even find it. Just a lot of pranks. I was in Philly at the time.”

Strangest Game:
"A game in the AHL playoffs when to triple-overtime. That was a game we just didn't think would ever end. B.J. Abel scored the winner."

Favorite Arenas To Play: "Montreal is up there. It's a pretty intense environment. Up in Canada, hockey's their main thing, especially in that city. It's the main attraction. And they're a pretty rowdy bunch when they get going. So I say Montreal is a pretty fun place."

Favorite Players To Watch: "Growing up I was a big Wayne Gretzky fan. Patrick Roy, too. Even though I'm not a goalie I was always a big fan of his. I just watched hockey in general. I was a big Montreal Canadiens fan."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Golf. I played baseball growing up. I stopped that and my dad got me into golf and I've really enjoyed that."

People/Personality Qualities Most Admired: "Laid-back, joke around, sarcasm. I'm a big sarcastic guy. When it's time to get serious you put that serious face on. Other than that I like to joke around and have a good time."

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