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'Hockey Wives' Season 2 hits the midpoint: here's our wife rankings

We’ve tabulated all of the weddings, “cat fights” and feel-good stories into one judgmental post in order to present you with this ranking of the hockey wives so far in Season 2.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

It’s been a fairly tumultuous second season of 'Hockey Wives' so far, what with the new wives trying to establish themselves and the old ones fighting for their catch-up time. With so many stories to fit into five short episodes, the first half of the season has flown by quicker than a four-on-four penalty situation, leaving us wondering what could possibly be in store for the second half when it returns in March.

Until then, we’ve tabulated all of the weddings, “cat fights” and feel-good stories into one judgmental post in order to present you with this ranking of the hockey wives so far in Season 2.

11. Keshia Chante (dating free agent goalie Ray Emery)

When W Network announced the singer was joining the series, we expected an intimate portrayal of balancing life dating a hockey player with a thriving career. Instead Chante has hardly appeared on the series at all, popping up only to give Maripier this advice on her fiancé’s trade to Vancouver: long distance relationships don’t work. Sorry, this is a “hockey wife,” right? She gets that nine months of the year these players are on the road?

10. Noureen DeWulf (married to Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller)

Easily a fan favourite in the first season, Noureen has been largely absent in Season 2 since she’s raising a baby and all. Viewers got to catch up with the new mom in the premiere episode, but since then she’s been strangely missing. Without her ridiculous one-liners, the series just hasn’t been the same.

9. Rhianna Weaver (married to retired defenseman Mike Weaver)

The woman’s plight is totally understandable—she doesn’t know if her husband is going to retire of if they’ll pick up elsewhere. Still, it’s hard to feel for her when she’s also taking helicopter rides over Niagara Falls to celebrate the off-season. We also haven’t been feeling her bond with the other ladies on the series so far in Season 2, which makes it feel forced when everyone is called upon to hang together.

8. Paige Getzlaf (married to Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf)

There are two sides to Paige, and we’re still deciding which one we like best. There’s the surreal side, in which she boasts of taking private flights and joining the mile-high club (awkward). Then there’s the family side, which visits Ryan’s parents and tells her sons they could play football and hockey like their dad. A concussed death wish, if you ask us, but sweet nonetheless.

7. Angela Price (married to Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price)

She’s beautiful, she’s into shooting and the outdoors, and she’s not afraid to hold back in the media. So why haven’t we seen more of Saint Angela? Perhaps it has something to do with her fertility journey this season—they could be saving the already-announced news for the grand finale?

6. Ashley Booth (married to free agent winger David Booth)

While Angela is busy talking about getting intimate with Carey, Ashley is all about not getting intimate. Or at least she was until she and David were married. The beauty pageant belle hasn’t been shy about her Christian believes and morals, making her a true standout this season. Unfortuantely, for some reason she and David are always surrounded by a weird lens flair that makes their story seem like a weird Hallmark special.

5. Martine Forget (engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier)

Trying to work again full-time after having a baby is hard enough, but when you’re a model, we imagine it would be a nightmare. Except this beauty seems to have no problem going for an impromptu, unfiltered lingerie photo shoot in order to get her social media followers up. Really, we don’t feel that sorry for her. But we do understand that the struggle is real to leave your kid at a sitter’s when you could be doing the job yourself.

4. Taylor Winnik (married to Toronto Maple Leafs center Daniel Winnik)

When Taylor was announced for the show we wondered if it was so the producers could throw a wedding into the mix (Maripier was taking long enough, after all). Sure enough, her wedding (and giant rock) have been featured prominently, adding in a fresh element we haven’t seen before. It’s been an interesting way to add some fresh perspective into the mix, even if the producers are forcing an obvious rift between Taylor and Tiffany Parros.

3. Maripier Morin (engaged to Vancouver Canucks left wing Brandon Prust)

After making her wish to be engaged known throughout the entire first season, audiences got a break when Brandon finally proposed in the most romantic way possible (who can beat Italy?) so now we’re onto the whole “I can’t believe I’m engaged” narrative. But there’s a twist. Now that Brandon has been traded to Vancouver and Maripier has contractual obligations to fulfill in Montreal, these two are facing an uphill battle unlike any of the other couples so far. And that makes her story infinitely more interesting to us.

2. Tiffany Parros (married to retired right winger George Parros)

Somebody needs to make some merchandise with Tiffany’s sayings, because she’s had some gems this season. Additionally, the outspoken hockey wife seems to know pretty much all of the other wives (save Taylor, of course), which makes her a sounding board whenever the show needs her. Given the way she spices things up, that’s pretty much all the time.

1. Kodette LaBarbera (married to Philadelphia Flyers goalie Jason LaBarbera)

This gal is just an all-around good person. Between raising awareness for autism and dealing with a massive move, she has somehow also managed to throw together a charity golf tournament to support her son’s former school. Plus, she’s the voice of reason on this show, serving as the middlewoman. Unlike the lavish wives whose husbands are captains, or the ones who are always facing an uncertain future and have therefore put their lives on hold, Kodette manages to keep it all together and share a unique perspective of what it takes to make an actual relationship work. Plus she always looks great doing it.

'Hockey Wives' returns to W Network television in March 2016.



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