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Ron Duguay

The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: NHL center/right winger from 1977-1989 for New York Rangers, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Currently serves as a hockey in-studio analyst for MSG Network.

Ht: 6-foot-2 Wt: 210 pounds

DOB: July 6, 1957 In: Sudbury, Ont.

Hockey Inspirations: "Growing up, for me, it was Bobby Orr. Living in Canada, I loved his style, how he dominated the game, his end-to-end rushes, he just stood out. I was a big fan of Bobby Orr's."

First Hockey Memory: "Is of being a little boy playing on a rink that was designed for a small community, back in northern Ontario. Just being there all the time."

Nicknames: "Doogie."

Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
"I love playing golf and tennis. I trade on the stock market."

Favorite Movies: "I'm a big Harrison Ford fan, so all of his movies. Tom Hanks, his movies. Cast Away is one of my favorites."

Last Book Read: "Don't read books, I read articles. I read newspapers - USA Today is my favorite. But I don't read a whole book. I read different, a lot of articles about health and fitness."

Musical Tastes: "Different types, I can like Neil Diamond to U2 to Bon Jovi."

Favorite TV Show: "King of Queens, Seinfeld."

First Job: "Delivering newspapers - The Sudbury Star."

First Car: "Pinto (brown)."

Current Car: "It's a Jaguar XK8 (blue)."

Favorite Meal: "Spaghetti and meatballs."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Probably not a moment, but a small time. Making it to the Stanley Cup final with the New York Rangers (1979). That whole series against the Islanders, that whole experience might have been my best moment and experience."

Most Painful Moment: "The day I didn't have a job in the NHL as a player."

Favorite Uniforms: "I still love the New York Rangers uniforms."

Favorite Arenas To Play: "Madison Square Garden."

Closest NHL Friends: "I've been away. I've been living in Southern California and Florida, so I kind of detached myself from players. Recently, in the past two years I've come back to New York. So since being back to New York, Chris Kotsopoulos has been someone that I've re-united with. And Ron Greschner."

Funniest Players Encountered: "Barry Melrose and Nick Fotiu."

Toughest Competitors Encountered: "Particular players? Boy, there's some...if you would have said craziest...I've competed against some tough players. Fiercest, probably, I played against Bobby Clarke and so many of those Flyers were fierce. Probably Terry O'Reilly. (How about the craziest?) I don't want to mention (smiles)."

Most Memorable Goal: "Probably my first in the NHL. It was like, 'I've made it.' Against Cleveland. It was in Cleveland. I scored against my best friend, who I believe was on the ice - John Baby. We played together on a junior team and we ended up playing against each other and I ended up scoring against his team in Cleveland."

Funny Hockey Memory: "Being around Nick Fotiu and roommates with Nick Fotiu, he was always up to something. There's a lot of stuff I'm not going to mention. But being around Nick Fotiu was fun because he was always up to some prank."

Strangest Game: "The game we played against Boston and the players went up in the stands. At The Garden. The Boston Bruins players were up in the stands fighting with the fans. We were in the midst of a small brawl on the ice that was about to start. We were all on the ice about to start, all of the sudden the fan hit the Bruin and that broke that up and we ended up sitting there watching."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "After they initiated, shaved my head. I love my long hair and didn't like that look. (Who got you?) Nick Fotiu, John Davidson, Dave Maloney, Greschner, all those guys that were part of the team. They blind-folded me so I couldn't tell."

Favorite Sport Outside Tennis: "Golf."

Favorite Athletes To Watch: "Current would be Ovechkin, Stamkos. In the past, Gretzky, Lemieux. I played with both of those guys. (Tennis?) I became friends with John McEnroe, so I always enjoyed watching John. Not just for his skills, but for his personality. (Keep in touch with him?) Yes I do. He's a big Ranger fan. (Ever play tennis with him?) I did a long time ago. And he encourages me to call to hit now, but I don't want to embarrass myself. I could rally with him, but not try to win a game off him. I could rally with him and keep the ball in play. I've played tennis a long time. I'm going to take him up on that."

People/Personality Qualities Most Admired: "Honesty."

Mark 'Scoop' Malinowski is the author of "Heavyweight Armageddon: The Tyson-Lewis Championship Battle" and creator of two websites: and


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