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Teemu Selanne kept his promise and flew in old friends for Stanley Cup final

"They are having a good time," says Anaheim Ducks star Teemu Selanne. "They told me they doubled (arena) beer selling" during Game 1 of the NHL's championship series on Monday.

The FDT consists of 16 of Selanne's old friends. He flew them in from Finland, although he's not putting them up at his home.

"Are you kidding me? No way," he said with a laugh.

The trip made good on a promise.

"Most of the guys, I grew up with them," Selanne explained. "A long time ago, I said, 'The day I'm in the finals, I'm going to fly you guys over here so you can be part of it.'

"Most of them played till junior, but girls and drinking came into the picture so they gave up hockey."

They kept reminding him over the years of his promise.

"Every season they'd say, 'You've got to play better, we have to come to the finals.' There's no chance they would forget."


PATIENT COACH: Ottawa coach Bryan Murray was asked during his off-day news conference Tuesday about when he kept Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley together as a line when they were playing so poorly Monday night.

"Our lineup played so well in every series so far," Murray replied. "I get into the first period or second period, and see they're not going as good as they should be, do I because of that break them up the first chance I get and then kind of panic, show panic?

"So I decided to stick with them, let them play."


SAVE PERCENTAGES: Jean-Sebastien Giguere of the Ducks enters Game 2 Wednesday night with a post-season save percentage of .930. Ottawa's Ray Emery has a .918 save percentage.


GIGUERE COPES: Giguere is optimistic his infant son will lead a productive life despite being born without sight in his right eye. Playing hockey has been a release for the Ducks' goalie since Maxime was born April 4.

"My wife has been fantastic and everybody that's been here helping us go through it has really been a blessing for us," he said after practice Tuesday. "For the rest, he's just a normal baby.

"He has an eye condition that's going to give him some challenge in life, but it's not life-threatening and he's just going to be a better kid, I think, for going through it.

"For the rest, he just eats and sleeps and poops, unfortunately."


TRIVIA: The last club to lose Game 1 of the final on the road and come back to win the series was Montreal against Calgary in 1986.


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