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Top 10 things to expect when 'Hockey Wives' returns

Hockey Wives returns for the second half of its second season on Wednesday.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The skates have been sharpened, the uniforms are pressed and the guys are about to hit the ice for a brand new hockey season. Which means that when Hockey Wives returns for the second half of its second season on Wednesday, it’s game time for the wives and girlfriends who have been enjoying a luxurious summer off up until this point.

Here are just a few things to expect when the back half of the season kicks off.

1. A little déjà-vu

Now that we’re in March and heading into the exciting part of the actual NHL season, things that happened last fall feel a little… old. No matter for the Hockey Wives, who are all but adjusting to new contracts, complicated moves and the bright and promising start of a new season. Even though we know how many of the seasons turn out for these husbands, watching their wives lay all their hopes on the line is entertaining. After all, who doesn’t like to be three steps ahead of their favourite reality TV characters?

2. Wedding bells

Now that we’ve gotten Daniel and Taylor Winnik’s wedding out of the way, it’s time to focus on Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust’s big day. Given the latter’s penchant to overdramatize everything it should come as no surprise that planning comes with its hitches. At one point in the sizzle reel below she reveals that she’s no longer wearing her engagement ring. Could long-distance be taking its toll, or is the ring simply out for a cleaning? We’ll have to wait to find out.

3. Working women

Speaking of Maripier, she’s gotten herself a new primetime hosting gig in Montreal that has her plenty busy while Brandon’s off in Vancouver (keep in mind this was all before he was put on waivers and sent to the Utica Comets). So while she’s certainly busy being upset about her fiancé’s move and planning their wedding, she’s also showcasing her ability to be a full-time working girl who “has it all.” Including a new blinged-out trailer, just “like a movie star.”

4. Charitable missions

Meanwhile, some of the other women who do travel with their husbands to be with them during the season need to find things to occupy their time with. After all, no one wants to be a puck bunny or a trophy wife. Enter several charitable ventures this season, including CureDuchenne at the Getzlaf Golf Shootout.

5. Heavy territory

Now that Taylor Winnik is moving from California to Toronto with hubby Daniel, she’s decided charity is for her as well. And since Daniel won’t let her get a third dog, it looks as though she’s going to open up about her depression and former issues with bullies rather than go the “save the animals” route. Good on her for using the platform for a worthwhile cause that actually affects plenty of people around the globe. Now here’s hoping it all pans out.

6. Fewer fan favourites

In the first season, Tiffany Parros and Noureen DeWulf were two standout wives that deserved as much screen time as they could get. Unfortunately with George Parros retired Tiffany has been relegated to the seasoned wife who doles out hard-but-sage advice to the unknowing youngins, while Noureen is busy trying to get her career back on track and care for a newborn. Sadly, both are notably absent in the premiere.

7. Babies R Us

Remember when the media announced Angela Price was pregnant before she could? Saint Angela did not handle the lack of privacy very well, despite the fact you’d think she’d be used to it. She is, after all, married to Carey Price and is now starring in a TV show. Regardless, that’s an issue that’s finally coming out to play this season as she announces to her friends and family that she’s preggers. Watch for the meltdown over the media intrusion post premiere, however.

8. Worried moms

There’s more to being a Hockey Wife than an actual wife — there are the kids to consider too. And when your little ones want to play hockey like their dad it can be a mom’s worst nightmare. Never mind the fact that the good ones leave home at the age of 15 to begin their careers, but the constant threat of injury and concussion is enough to leave any sage mum with enough sleepless nights to last a lifetime. No worries though, their makeup the next morning as they’re discussing these fears is still pretty flawless.

9. A little bubbly

It won’t all be hard-cut issues, pregnancies, moving and marriage this period. As everyone knows, it simply wouldn’t be guilty pleasure reality TV without a bikini or two, a hot tub and plenty of sparkling wine in between. So while the wives are all doing their own thing when we first return, expect mini reunions ahead that will involve them all flaunting their best beachwear and clinking glasses.

10. Exotic locales

Think Hockey Wives only spend their time bundled up in the cold? Think again. At some point this season a special trip will be in order to alleviate some of that tension. That’s where cave repelling comes in. After all, what’s a reality show without a little glitz, glamour and a vacation or two that the average Joe can’t necessarily afford? If you don’t want to have at least part of their lifestyle, then this show isn’t doing its job properly.

Hockey Wives returns Wednesday, March 16 at 10 p.m. ET to W Network.


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