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Top 5 crying NHL players

Ryan Miller handled his press conference announcing his trade to the St. Louis Blues with honesty and aplomb, but not all players prone to eyeball perspiration have been able to catch themselves before they broke down.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

We all know "there's no crying in baseball."

But there sure is in hockey. Ryan Miller, who had to dab a few tears away at his press conference after being traded to the St. Louis Blues, is just the latest NHLer to have leaky tear ducts. Over the years plenty of players have shed their share of tears.

Here's THN's top-five list of all-time crying NHL players:

5. Mike Modano

The (North) Stars golden boy barely got through the first sentence of his retirement press conference before he started to break down.

4. Eric Lindros

It's hard to see a big man cry. And few have been bigger than Lindros, who held it together until the very end of his acceptance speech for the 1995 Hart Trophy. (4:20)

3. Jeremy Roenick

J.R. was known for emotional outbursts, mostly of the rant ilk. But when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, Roenick, who was drafted eighth overall in 1988 by the Hawks, got a little choked up as a TV analyst while witnessing what he never accomplished. (0:30)

2. Todd Bertuzzi

'Big Bert's' tear-jerking at his press conference after the Steve Moore incident didn't solicit much sympathy. (0:40)

1. Wayne Gretzky

All of Canada was crying when The Great One was traded to Los Angeles. "I promised 'Mess' I wouldn't do this." (1:00)

An honorable mention goes to Ryan Smyth who cried at his press conference when he was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the New York Islanders…

…and then again when he returned to Edmonton for the first time as an opposing player.

(Editor's Note: Roenick's draft year has been changed from 1998 to 1988.)



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