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Top 5 Spider-Man Appearances in Hockey

Hockey and Marvel's Spider-Man have been tangled at various points, with some goalies wearing Spidey-themed helmets and teams donning the superhero's threads for games. Here's a look at five good crossovers.
Carter Hart

As a Spider-Man fanatic, I'm excited about the release of Venom: Let There be Carnage. Sure, the first movie had its flaws and it's generally a challenge to get a focused movie about a strange alien monster taking over a human and not sounding silly while also still making it digestible for younger audiences.

The Venom series isn't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Spider-Man, but he's still a Spidey villain. And, come on, we know there will be a crossover at some point, right? They can't both co-exist without getting tangled at some point.

There have been some cool integrations of Spider-Man's universe into the game of hockey. Here's a look at five notable instances:

Stephen Valiquette - Spider-Man Goalie Mask
Playing for a team donning red-white-blue colors makes embracing Spider-Man quite easy - especially when that team is in Parker's hometown of New York City. Valiquette's mask during the 2000s was iconic, with the big white Spidey eyes taking prominence at the top of the mask while having a perfect contrast of red and blue to fit in perfectly with the Rangers' uniforms. It didn't fit as well when he played in the Islanders' system, but, hey, it's a classic.

Carter Hart - Carnage Goalie Mask
This one's fitting with the launch of the new movie finally giving Carnage - the red, psycho menace determined to kill any living creature in his way - his first on-screen nod. Hart only wore the mask for half of the 2019-20 season, but it was scary, detailed and something opposing shooters wouldn't want to deal with. It definitely felt a bit weird at first seeing Carnage in Flyers' orange instead of his usual red symbiote, but it was fantastic. Hart followed it up with an Anti-Venom mask last season that also looks fantastic.

Matej Tomek - Venom Goalie Mask
The latest Spidey-universe piece of equipment to come out is Tomek's venom mask he's donning in the top Czech league this season. The 24-year-old Flyers prospect is helping to hype up the new movie with a dark Venom-themed bucket that is ready to battle with Hart's Carnage art, obviously. It's simple enough to clearly show what it is and, yeah, I'm not sure you'd want to stand beside the big 6-foot-3 goalie alone in an alleyway because those eyes are terrifying.

Las Vegas Wranglers - Spider-Man Jersey
Before there were the Vegas Golden Knights, the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers captured Nevada's hockey interests. Back in March 2014, the Wranglers wore Spider-Man-themed jerseys to raise money for the CHildren's Hospital of Nevada at University Medical Center. As For The Win mentioned at the time, the jerseys looked "so good they should wear them full-time," and we agree.


Marvel Comics - Skating on Thin Ice
In the comic issue titled "Amazing Spider-Man: Skating on Thin Ice", Spider-Man faces off against Electro, a common occurrence for the superhero. Electro knocked the web-slinger into a crate filled with hockey pucks that were set to go to Winnipeg. Eventually, he meets up with Herb Carnegie, a former pro hockey player from Canada, who was serving as a coach for a local team there. It's definitely a more out-there story for Spider-Man, but cool nonetheless.



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