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Watch Kris Versteeg, Jason Demers team up for bizarre, hilarious dance at Devin Setoguchi’s wedding

Kris Versteeg and Jason Demers aren’t teammates, but they were definitely in-sync at Devin Setoguchi’s wedding. Watch as the Blackhawks winger and Stars defenseman team up to perform a ridiculous, hilarious dance — in full leotards — in front of Setoguchi and his wife.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Aside from being a three-time 20-goal scorer, Kris Versteeg is known for some rather ridiculous off-ice moments.

There’s his singing, there’s his rapping and, now, there’s this: Versteeg, alongside fellow NHLer and Dallas Stars defenseman Jason Demers, performing a bizarre, albeit hilarious, interpretive dance to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. Better yet, the performance came at Devin Setoguchi's wedding.

The ‘Chandelier’ music video features a ballerina dancing through what appears to be a deserted home. Shockingly, the, uh, replication of sorts by Versteeg, Demers and Co., wasn’t cause for wedding guests to make like the Sia video and abandon their surroundings.

It’s hard to say who exactly came up with the idea to perform the routine, but the safe money is probably on Versteeg. He seems like the ring leader here.

Somehow, amidst how absurd the whole dance is, the quartet pull out some sort of spinning, flying dance move that looks like it took some semblance of skill.

Setoguchi, to his credit, doesn’t look wholly shocked when the routine ends, and Versteeg, Demers and their two dance partners get a standing ovation from the wedding guests.

If you’re wondering what, exactly, the connection is between the three players, it goes back a long way. For Demers and Setoguchi, the link is simple, as they were in the Sharks organization together for several season. As for Versteeg and Setoguchi, however, the two have never been with the same club at the same time during their professional playing careers. Where they did cross paths, though, is in Alberta Minor Bantam Hockey League, where they played together with the Lethbridge Golden Hawks during the 2001-02 season.

Little did Setoguchi know that 15 years later at his wedding he would have to watch Versteeg and three of his friends dance to a pop song in leotards. That’s quite the wedding gift.



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